Questions & Answers

Does Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ Stop the Zika Virus?
All insect repellents are designed to stop insects from biting you, just remember that repellents cannot determine if the insect is carrying a virus. So it is important you protect yourself from insect bites if you do not want to get a vector-borne disease. The American Mosquito Control Association states mosquito-borne diseases include Zika, Malaria, Chikungunya, Dog Heartworm, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, St. Louis Encephalitis, LaCrosse Encephalitis, Western Equine Encephalitis, and the West Nile virus. So be proactive and protect yourself!

Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ is proven effective, worldwide, in preventing bites from the local insects and this includes mosquitoes. The Center for Disease Control does support the public’s use of essential oils as a protective measure against insect bites.

Does Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ Work?
Yes it does. Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ was developed in 2012 and is proven effective by satisfied customers worldwide. Resorts have been selling since 2014 and it is now being marketed at trade shows and businesses in the USA.

What Do Customers Like About Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™?
When using this product, users like they are no longer being bit by the local insects, no longer placing DEET or other synthetic chemicals on their skin, like the nice scent, and their skin is being moisturized at the same time. Because of the nice scent, don’t be surprised if people ask you what perfume or cologne you are wearing. Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ can also be used to take the itching sensation away from insect bites, just apply to the itching area and feel the itch disappear; do not apply to damaged skin.

Does Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ Feel Oily Or Greasy?
If you apply the proper amount you will not feel oily or greasy.  Just spray on the exposed skin and spread uniformly like you do with lotion.  Applying more than what you need is not necessary, just remember “more is not better”.  If you apply too much it will feel oily, just wipe off the excess – it’s as simple as that.

Can I Dilute Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ ?
Yes you can dilute for other uses. Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™is a concentrated blend of essential oils and is not diluted. Some customers reported they blended it with skin lotions and found it was still effective in preventing insect bites.

What Insect Bites Does Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ Prevent?
Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ prevents bites from local insects worldwide. These insects include black flies, chiggers, deer flies, fire ants, gnats, horse flies, mosquitoes, no-see-ums, sand flies, ticks and tsetse flies. 

Why Is Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ Available In So Many Containers?

The variety of containers was created to provide you with options to carry it while enjoying the outdoors. The mini-sprayer, roll-on and travel spray bottle meet TSA regulations for carry-on and checked luggage, and the refill bottle can be placed in checked baggage. You can place the small containers easily into a pocket, backpack, gear bag or purse so they are easily accessible.

Can I Refill or Recycle My Container?
Yes, all of the containers are refillable and recyclable. We made this option available to reduce our footprint on earth and extend the life of landfills. Refilling is an economical way to have Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ on hand, and at a lower cost. Please recycle when you no longer need the container.

Can Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ Be Used On Children or Animals?
Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ has not been tested for animals, please consult your veterinarian before using on animals. Please consult your physician before using with infants or toddlers. Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ is effective on children; however, they may have sensitive skin. To test for sensitive skin, apply a small amount inside the elbow and watch for any reaction for 30 minutes after applying. Do not use if you see a reaction.

I Have Sensitive Skin – Can I Use Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™?
Although Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ is a natural product, essential oils can be powerful. To test for sensitive skin, apply a small amount inside the elbow and watch for any reaction for 30 minutes after applying. Do not use if you see a reaction.

Can I Use Lotions or Sunscreens With Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™?
Yes, you may use Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ with lotions or sunscreen and it does not matter if you apply first or second.

How Long Will Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ Last?
Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ will last at least two years when stored away from heat or direct sunlight. The Travel Spray bottle will last approximately one week, for an average size person. The Mini-Sprayer will last one or two days.

How Much Is Shipping?
FedEx or USPS is our preferred shipper for domestic packages, depending on which offers the lower shipping cost. The shipping cost depends on the weight of the package and how far away you are from our location (California).

International business customers are responsible for any duty/taxes/fees their government may charge.

What If My Product Is Damaged?
Our general policy is to provide a product exchange if your product arrives damaged. It is very unlikely that your product will arrive damaged because we take such care to package your product well, but it is possible that on very rare occasions, your order may become damaged during shipment. If this should occur, be sure to contact us within three (3) business days of receiving your package and we will replace your order as soon as possible. To expedite the replacement process, which includes us filing a claim with our shipper, please email a picture of your damaged package to us at and include ‘Damaged Product’ in the subject line.

Problem With Your Order Or Using Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™?
We appreciate all compliments or positive comments especially on our social media sites, but if you should have an issue, we definitely want to hear about it as soon as possible. So, before placing negative comments on our social media sites please email us at with a couple key words in your email’s subject line describing your issue and we will address your concerns as soon as possible. We guarantee our product. Should Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ not work for you, and you applied it correctly, please return the remaining unused product to receive a full refund on your purchase.

What Is Your Refund Policy?
We guarantee our product. If Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ did not work for you, return the remaining unused product to receive a full refund on your purchase (initial purchase and shipping). You will be responsible for paying return shipping.

Do You Have Any Other Questions or Concerns?
Should you have any other questions or concerns that are not answered here, please contact us and we will get right back to you! Email us at