• New Eco-Friendly Product Prevents & Treats Insect Bites

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Lita's Natural Insect Repellent

Questions & Answers

Does Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ Work?
Yes it does. Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ was developed in 2012 and has been proven effective by satisfied customers in North America, Central America, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand. Resorts have been selling since 2014 and it is now being marketed at trade shows and businesses in the USA.

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Have used it numerous times on Roatan Island, Honduras, home of the meanest no-see-ums around….and it works!

Steve C.

I have to tell you that  Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ saved my vacation. I had gone to Roatan, and on the first day, I was eaten alive. I tried Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™and it SAVED THE DAY & the vacation. From then on I didn’t get any more bites, and it also helped with the itching. 

JoAnn K.

Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ is hands-down the best natural bug repellant product that I have used in my life. The oils used in Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™are of the highest quality, from all over the world, and are 100% natural and good for your body to absorb. I’ve used this product extensively in Honduras, Belize, Mexico (Baja in particular), Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, and even down in Queensland, Australia! Needless to say, my ongoing supply of Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™continues as I do not seeing my wanderlust for traveling the world and exploring all the oceans and seas ever dwindling. I will NOT allow some itchy little bugs to dictate what I do and don’t do in my life any longer!!!! 

Kimberly H.

Thank you Lita! We sold all of our supply! We definitely plan to carry your product next season and will be in contact then. 

The Trees RV Park, Alaska

I met Lita at a show in AZ and she swore it would work. I live in very west Phoenix (Waddell) where I irrigate regularly so the mosquitoes can be a real issue certain times of the year. This product worked as well as any chemical I have ever used and it is natural, I have 2 kids so this was quite important to me. I highly recommend this product. I will continue to use it and buy more (although it lasts quite well) 

Jack H., Arizona

Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™

When these oils are blended together, they create a nice scent which is necessary to keep the insects from biting you. Customers that use Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ say it not only protects them from insect bites and treats the bites, but also moisturizes their skin and smells nice.

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