About Us

How did Lita’s All Natural start?  Lita visited Central America for the amazing SCUBA diving reefs it has to offer. Lita quickly found she was allergic to the local insect bites (sand flies and mosquitoes) and was living on Benadryl to fight the allergic reactions. Lita was unsuccessful in finding a product that would prevent insect bites and began experimenting with essential oils.
After a few years of trying various blends she created, Lita developed two insect repellent blends that prevent insect bites (Green Label and Yellow Label).  Lita also found one of the blends (Green Label) was dual purpose because it also treated insect bites by soothing the itch or sting and reducing inflammation.  Lita treated herself when she was bit by fire ants, wasp stings, sand flies and mosquitoes - and it worked great!
Businesses and resorts worldwide rely on having Lita’s All Natural products available for their clients and guests. Consumers also rely on taking Lita’s All Natural with them on their outdoor excursions to their backyard or the beach, lakes and mountains for the protection it provides from a wide variety of insects. Customers also report the Green Label also worked great in treating insect bites.
Lita’s All Natural TM provides a natural approach with the various products it offers. All ingredients are natural and do not contain synthetic chemicals (e.g., DEET). Products are applied by spraying and spreading on exposed skin; additional protection can be obtained by also spraying on the clothes you will be wearing. The products do not stain clothes.
In our effort to reduce the amount of trash that goes into landfills, Lita’s containers are refillable and recyclable. Once you no longer need the containers, please deliver them to a recycling facility.