How To Use

Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ works and it helps to know a few things to enjoy relief from insect bites. For a good summary, please click on the “Questions and Answers” page.

How to Use
Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent™ is proven effective for adults and children. Please consult your physician before using with infants or toddlers.

Shake well before applying to ensure the oils are well blended. If you have sensitive skin, test first by applying a small amount inside your elbow and watch for any reaction for 30 minutes after applying. Should you see a reaction, do not use the product.

Before you go outdoors, spray a light application on all exposed skin and spread uniformly. Apply to your face by spraying on your hand and spreading below your eyes. Avoid placing on your forehead to prevent any sweat (blended with oils) dripping into your eyes. Once your skin’s body heat absorbs the oils, approximately 1 minute after applying, it creates a scented zone the insects do not like. Remember, only a light application is needed, more is not better. Excessive amounts of oil on your skin should be removed to prevent sand or your clothes sticking to the oils. Should you apply too much, just wipe off the excess.

When to Re-Apply
Near the end of its effective use you may notice insects coming near you, or maybe even landing on you but not biting, this is your signal to re-apply. Since the oil blend is already present on your skin, you will notice a lighter re-application will do the trick. Re-application may be needed after sweating, swimming, diving or showering. Make sure you rinse off all salt water and sweat before any application. Each application lasts approximately six hours.

How to Treat an Insect Bite
Did you get bit by something and now it itches? But first, have you been scratching and now you have raw skin? Then we do not recommend you apply our natural bug spray to raw skin because it will cause a burning sensation. To avoid a burning sensation, we recommend you only apply our natural bug spray directly to the bite, before you scratch and expose raw skin. Using this method you will feel the itch go away!