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Want to take just a little bit for the day?  Enjoy this classy container that is sturdy for you to pack away for a day trip.  The container is made of strong glass that is recyclable and refillable. Held up well to our dropping tests and did not break!

Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent (Yellow bottle-Lemon scent) is a unique blend of the following oils:
– Lemongrass essential oil
– Rosemary essential oil
– Cedarwood essential oil

– Sesame carrier oil

Lita’s Natural Insect Repellent (Green bottle-Patchouli scent) is a unique blend of the following oils:
– Patchouli essential oil
– Sesame seed carrier oil
– Tea Tree essential oil

When these oils are blended together, they create a nice scent which is necessary to keep the insects from biting you. The Green Label bottles are dual purpose because it prevents insect bites, and also soothes the itch from insect bites. You will notice another benefit that the oils are also a great skin moisturizer. Each application lasts approximately 6 hours.

Shelf life: Two years when stored away from heat or direct sunlight.